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State of the bill: Where does the Energy Innovation Act stand?

US House Climate Solutions Caucus

In case you missed the recent CCL blog about 4 important new carbon pricing bills that were just introduced, Danny Richter (CCL’s Legislative staff) will be giving a Legislative Update on Tuesday, July 30, 8pm ET for all interested volunteers.

Mt. Pleasant Citizens Climate Lobby
Minutes of November 14, 2019
Isabella County Commission on Aging

Good News

I.   National

  1. The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act of 2019 now has 69 cosponsors, 3 more since last month; Andy Levin, Dan Kildee, and Brenda Lawrence still only MI reps; Danny Richter’s August legislative update including new carbon pricing bills and CCL strategy and action; October numbers: (Scroll to end of Minutes for Community tips if needed.). Columbia U. study on Energy Innovation Act.
  • First bipartisan climate caucus in Senate, led by Sen. Jeff Coons (D-DE) and Sen. Mike Braun (R-IN) has added 6 new members. They’re recruiting their own.
  • Heads Up!—Americans for Carbon Dividends, the professional lobbyist arm of the Climate Leadership Council,  launches six-figure pro-carbon tax ad campaign aimed at Congress. Their carbon price proposal is similar but different than our legislation.
  • Please sign up to make a once a month call to our members of Congress. Made easy with text reminder and topics from Project Grand Canyon, You don’t have to be a CCL member to use it. Share with friends.

II.  Local Actions—personal reports

  1. Cil L.— started a letter writing group to editors, congressional representatives etc.  If interested in joining or starting your own, contact Cil at 989-772-5694.
  2. Dawn S. & Marie K. dropped off our picture card and cookies at Rep. Moolenaar’s office. Thanks to Jackie O. for baking delicious looking cookies.
  • Marie K. attended the Chamber of Commerce After Hours (11/13) and talked with Jim Holton and Doug LaBelle about our plans. They expressed interest in the business event.

III.   Upcoming events:

  • CMU Climate Solutions Summit progress report (Project Drawdown is resource). Climate Solutions Summit ad hoc committee: next meeting is Friday, Nov. 22, 9:00 a.m. at the Copeland Suite, Park Library.
  • Climate Solution Summit- cooperation of CMU and MPCCL, tentative date is March 18-21, 2020. Solutions will include CMU research, arts, education, dance, student projects, speakers and panels as well as civic engagement. It should be a showcase for students and the studies being done at CMU as well as the community (us!). 
  • Another summit is being planned for the community in the fall that will focuse on the costs and benefits of transitioning to clean energy and sustainable business practices, the bottom line approach. Stay tuned – more to come later.

IV.  National Speaker Prof. Andrew Hoffman, University of Michigan—excellent cultural and business perspective.
Solving climate change — and saving civilization as we know it — will require a major systemic shift in our culture. Andrew Hoffman maintains that we are in a societal moment akin to a new era of enlightenment. He joins us to talk about the system-level changes to our thinking needed in the anthropocene and the role of business in the great rethinking of our economy. Hoffman is the Holcim (US) Professor of Sustainable Enterprise at the University of Michigan. He has published 16 books, including How Culture Shapes the Climate Change Debate and Re-engaging with Sustainability in the Anthropocene Era: An Institutional Approach.

Next meeting:  December 19 at 7:00 p.m. at Commission on Aging

Addendum to November Minutes

Present:  Linda Darrow, Michael Heitman, Patricia Heitman, Curt and Ann Jensen, Marie and Pete Koper, Anne Kowaleski, Cil and John Lorand, Tom Moffit, Sue Murphy, Jacqui Pridgeon, Victoria Sladek, Marilyn Thornton, Margie Williams, and Jan Shaffer

I.  Welcome & Introductions: Welcome to any newcomers joining our regulars, all ready to make a difference for our climate! Volunteering for CCL:  Action is the best antidote to despair! Our job is educating ourselves, our community, the media, and our members of Congress that there is now a bipartisan, market driven bill in the U.S. Congress that will significantly reduce CO2, H.R. 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. [In the Minutes, blue underlined words are clickable links to CCL resources, the resources that empower us to be effective advocates.]

II.  Approval of the October Minutes

III. Treasurer’s Report:   $ 518.15

IV.  National and Local Actions
A. Create Facebook Fundraisers to amplify our Year-end Appeal! 
B.  Use the new Calculator to compute your carbon dividend 
C.  Communication exercise: Practice saying people could support your CCL work by donating

V.  Announcements and useful info:

A. CCL’s Community (CCL intranet for members)– every new sign-up is automatically registered for Community. Click to check in to set your own password, via “Forgot my password,” if need be, and to continue receiving CCL national posts. Call Marie for tech assistance if desired, 989-944-5858.

B. Call Dawn S. at (989) 506-6022 to sign up to volunteer for tabling or events.
            Call Marie K. at (989) 944-5858 with questions, suggestions!

C. You can learn from the November Lobby Day in Washington DC, Nov. 12. Recorded sessions here.

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