How to Listen

We’re shortening our meeting time on second Saturdays by omitting the very important conference calls. The idea is that committed climate folks will make a habit of listening to them at a convenient time, driving, washing dishes, etc.

Bookmarking this link will take you to the call archive:

1.   In April Lertzman shared very helpful information on how to listen and validate what you hear from those who differ on climate change to initiate constructive dialogue.

Author, teacher, consultant and public speaker Renee Lertzman was our guest for CCL’s April 9 call. She is a practicing climate change engagement specialist, applied researcher and senior advisor for the Center for Sustainable Energy, along with teaching Psychology and Environmental Education and Communications at Royal Roads University. Her latest book is Environmental Melancholia: Psychoanalytic Dimensions of Engagement.

2.   March’s call from Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-FL, who with Rep.Ted Deutsh, D-FL, started the House Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus is extremely encouraging.


Excellent science, political, and renewables information: You can watch Peter Sinclair’s April 6th presentation, Climate Change 2016, which we arranged at the Pere Marquette District Library in Clare.  MAC public access TV filmed it for us.

It is playing at these times for another week or two:

Sunday 5:15 PM
Tuesday 10:30 AM
Thursday 9:15 PM

It is also available online here:

It’s up to us to spread the word about the need and the solution. How to do it is what CCL is all about. 

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