Attention! Meeting Changed to October 1, 2016

Because our regular monthly date for Oct. 8 is CMU Homecoming and we want you to be able to walk with CCL in the Homecoming Parade, we moved the meeting up a week to Saturday, Oct. 1. Wow, wouldn’t that be an amazing statement if all 437 of you turned out for the parade! If you can walk, contact me! In moving the meeting, we also had to relocate–to Immanuel Lutheran Church, 320 S. Bradley.

That will give us an extra week to prepare for Adm. David Titley’s two talks in Mt. Pleasant on “The National Security Risks to the U.S. of a Changing Climate” on Oct. 21. In addition to being on CCL’s Advisory Board, he’s an internationally known name in climate science, and we want to give him the rock star treatment. Come and be a part of these very special events.  Please share the attached flyer near and far to pack both events.

You can also check out our People & Climate event at the Farmers Market this Thursday from 9:30-12:00.

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