MPCCL November Meeting

Your concern and input has never been more important. It’s clear “business as usual” is not going to solve the problem, but focused engagement can.

In case you missed it, the October 7, 2018 IPCC Special Report found that the climate is changing more rapidly than projected three years ago before the Paris Climate Accord. So fast in fact that the scientists say we have 12 years to reduce CO2 emissions significantly enough to keep the earth’s temperature to a 1.5 degrees Celsius increase. That’s to avoid much, much worse damage and disruption than the current .8 C increase is already causing. DO NOT DESPAIR. ACT.

With that deadline and the election over, we’ll be charting our course for the next several months at our next meeting, Thursday, November 15, 7:00-8:30 p.m. We meet at the Commission on Aging, 2200 S. Lincoln Road (behind the church). Even if you’ve never been able to attend a meeting, we value your input as a thoughtful citizen.

Agenda items to be discussed at the meeting. If you can’t make it, we still very much want your input as valuable community information. Call or text Marie at 989-944-5858; or send your feedback to
1. Holiday or seasonally themed climate outreach at local events or our own

2. Relating climate to Rep. Moolenaar’s policy issues and how to talk to him about them

3. A movie series (or less) for documentaries like Merchants of Doubt, The Burden, Tidewater, Saving Snow, Chasing Ice, Chasing Coral,

4. Having panel presentations for different business sectors or interest groups: agriculture, insurance, renewable energy, higher ed, technology, health etc.

5. Media teams for newspapers, TV, radio, and social media

6. Marketing approaches for solution(s)

7. Fundraising for MPCCL and national CCL

8. Reaching out to CMU and Mid-Mich students and faculty

9. Presentations to service organizations, faith communities, schools, classes, interest groups, veterans groups, neighbors in a living room!

10. Public events using art and/or music

11. Area workshops to train volunteers in communication, media, tabling, other outreach

12. Your ideas……..

anthony-leiserowitz-180X180This month’s video speaker is Anthony Leiserowitz, Yale Program on Climate Change Communication who will share the results of Yale’s ongoing polling on the public’s understanding of the climate issues and how we can use the information.

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