MPCCL August 15 Meeting

Mt. Pleasant Citizens Climate Lobby

Minutes, August 15, 2019

Isabella County Commission on Aging

Present: Curt Jensen, Brittany Johnson, Marie and Pete Koper, Ann Kowaleski, Gary Kramer, Bob Lindahl, Cil and John Lorand, Tom and Gisela Moffit, Dawn and Fred Sprague, Emily Zoet.

I.  Welcome & Introductions: Welcome to any newcomersjoining our regulars, all ready to make a difference for our climate! Volunteering for CCL:  Action is the best antidote to despair! Our job is educating ourselves, our community, the media, and our members of Congress that there is now a bipartisan, market driven bill in the U.S. Congress that will significantly reduce CO2, H.R. 763, the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act. [In the Minutes, blue underlined words are clickable links to CCL resources, the resources that empower us to be effective advocates.]

II.  Approval of the July 18 Minutes

III. Treasurer’s Report – $ 796.23

IV. Good News

  1. The Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act of 2019 now has 59 cosponsors, up from 29 in April; Andy Levin, Dan Kildee, and Brenda Lawrence from MI; More GOP expected.
  • The Climate Solutions Caucus has relaunched with 22 Rs and 41 Ds, due to the election. New members will still need to join with a member from the other party.
  • Two Navajo tribes have endorsed the bill. Check out the many other people, groups & businesses that support (the concept) or endorse (the actual bill). We respect that difference.
  • MPCCL Summer Party was a great success.  It will be an annual event in late August.
  • Brewers Endorsement sheets have been handed out at Beer Fest downtown. 
  • Two PBS pieces that Ben Thorpe put on WCMU picked up by MI Public Radio and broadcast throughout the state:

V.   New Business

National video speaker

Guest speaker, Sam Daley-Harris, shared examples of organized citizen lobbying that had a major impact on national policies and priorities. Sam is the founder and CEO of Civic Courage, a non-profit that coaches organizations to improve the effectiveness of their advocacy work. In 1980, he founded RESULTS, an organization working to end hunger and poverty, which later became the model for Citizens’ Climate Lobby. Sam is also the author of Reclaiming Our Democracy: Healing the Break Between People and Government.

  1. Mt. P. Chamber of Commerce:

Ann will contact them to find out if annual membership is from Jan. – Dec. or from the date one joins.  They have many events (Business After Hours, Breakfasts, Workshops, Bay Regional Chamber Summit) for networking and free publicity and passes.

  • Ongoing Local Outreach—Find your interest, availability and VOLUNTEER!  Contacts for the climate!
  1. Farmers Market tabling runs June 6 – October 31, Thursdays (7 a.m.–2 p.m.) at Island Park; Saturdays, June 22 –October 12 on Broadway (9 a.m.–2 p.m.) Call Dawn S. at (989) 506-6022
  • Brew Team and Wine Team collecting bill endorsements from craft breweries and vineyards around the district and state. Volunteering could entail attending beer festivals and wine tastings😊
  • Develop higher Ed and grasstops outreach:
  1. Bob will contact Phil Herzler to discuss ideas for inclusion of Climate Change in HS curriculum.
    1. Plans to invite HS teachers to our meetings
    1. Contact Pheasants Forever for collaboration.
    1. Contact CMU Recreation Dept. re offering a Climate Change Camp for HS and CMU students.
    1. Follow up with 8 professors from Econ. Dept.
    1. Reach out to RSOs interested in Climate related issues.


VI.   National and Local Actions

A. Youth outreach (attached)

  1. Check out these two impressive collegiate advocates and their ideas, which we hope to share with CMU, Mid Mich, Ferris, Northwood, and Delta.
  1. Relevant recent Brigham Young advertising grad: Nick Huey—testified before Senate Climate Hearing, college rivals collaborating on climate. Here’s his background.
  • College freshman at Brigham Young University: Piper Christian—a keynote speaker at 2019 CCL Conference. Click Play triangle; then put the mouse cursor on the timer circle at the bottom, click, hold, and drag it to 5:00 minutes for the beginning. In Q&A she said their Climate Solutions Summit was very effective for recruiting students and support for the bill.

This was also reflected by the 5 students from Delta who lobbied with us.

  • Set up a Youth Outreach team or leader for CMU, high schools, etc.

B. Focusing our Grasstops Outreach with CCL training and outline

VII.  Announcements and useful info:

A.  Conservative Luntz’s tips for talking to conservatives, shared at Senate Climate hearing

  • The August Action sheets are attached.

VIII.  Next meeting: September 19, 2019—7:00-8:30 p.m., Isabella County Commission on Aging, 2200 S. Lincoln Rd. 4

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