MPCCL February 13, 2020 Meeting

Mt. Pleasant Citizens Climate Lobby
Minutes, February 13, 2020
Brooks 203, CMU
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Upcoming Events:

  1. Central Michigan Climate Solutions Summit: Saturday, March 21, from 9 – 1:30 p.m., first floor of the Engineering and Technology Building. CMU and Mt. Pleasant CCL are collaborating on this ambitious event to highlight what people at CMU and in the community are doing to implement climate solutions and what more we can do. The goal is a valuable event that will become annual and increasingly influencial.

Dr. Andy Hoffman, the Holcim Professor of Sustainable Enterprise at Ross School of Business & School for Environment and Sustainability at U of M, will be the keynote speaker. The event is free, but please register so that we know the number of lunches to order. The registration link also includes schedule, map, and parking information. You can contribute to the success of this event by attending and by recruiting tabling entries among your contacts with the attached Call for Participation. We need volunteers to table, distribute handouts, pass out lunch boxes, etc.  Please call Gisela at 989-772-1602 or Dawn at (989) 506-6022.

B. Sign up for the Monthly Calling Campaign  at Once a month you will be reminded to call your members of Congress to share your concerns regarding climate change issues to keep it on their radar all month, every month.  Phone numbers and scripts will be provided. A volunteer is needed to monitor local district messages and calls. Can you take 10 minutes per month to do this?

C. 50th Anniversary of Earth Day on April 22. Would you like to help organize an event to celebrate this special day?  Call Marie at 989-944-5858 with your idea.

D. The 2020 International CCL Conference & Lobby Day is in Washington DC from June 7-9 Registration is open now. Check out how CCL breaks through the cynicism that contributes to partisan gridlock. Scholarships available. Contact Marie for details


Present:  Ruth and Ed Helwig, Curt and Anne Jensen, Marie Koper, Gary Kramer, Bob Lindahl, Gisela Moffit, Jackie Ovaitt, Errol Putman, Carol Rard, Don Smith.

Special guest: Dr. Anthony Chappaz
            CMU Professor of Geochemistry, Director of STARLAB
His research is focused on the study of trace elements in water and soil. He works with 40 projects all over the world, mostly with universities which specialize in molecular geochemistry, identifying species of toxic trace elements causing animals to die or other problems. He volunteered to provide us with useful data for climate education with the general public.

National video speaker
Former Rep. Bob Inglis:  A member of CCL’s advisory board and the governing board of Citizens’ Climate Education, Bob served as a Republican Congressman from South Carolina from 1993 to 1999 and again from 2005 to 2011. During his tenure, Bob introduced the Raise Wages, Cut Carbon Act — a revenue neutral carbon tax. After leaving Congress, he started, an organization devoted to persuading conservatives to address climate change with market-based solutions. Bob has been a featured speaker at CCL national and regional conferences, coaching volunteers on how to effectively engage conservatives on climate change. His very congenial talk is full of good information. Please check it out! Mark Reynolds, CCL Director, goes over our impressive 2019 stats.

Local Actions and Personal Reports

  1. Carol R. and Gisela M. tabled at the Environmental Advocacy Conference at CMU and enrolled 14 people in the Monthly Calling Campaign.
  • Marie K. attended Chamber Business After Hours; informal conversation indicated an interest in having the Chamber sponsor an educational lunch on climate, clean energy, and business.
  • New “Spotlight” segment added to meeting—Bob Lindahl recommended a book, You Are Not So Smart, by David McRaney that he found helpful for understanding others and himself in short, humorous doses.  He also alerted us to the various reports by the Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC) which provides scientific data on the accelerated climate changes and their effects on our planet. 

National and Local Actions

  1. Make an outreach plan for the 50th birthday of Earth Day—April 22 or other dates; check out the link’s suggestion or come up with our own
  2. Enroll everyone in our new Monthly Calling Campaign—sign up tonight on mobile- friendly site This is designed to make calling simple and convenient so our members of Congress get a steady stream of calls every month!
  3. Bonus Social Media Action: Stage a snowman protest, post a photo, win $500, $300 or $200! You make the snowman protest; we’ll get it on Instagram for you. Deadline: Feb. 23
  4. Communication exercise: I heard you say (reflections)  

 Announcements and useful info:

A. CCL’s Community (CCL intranet for members)– every new sign-up is automatically registered for Community. Click to check in to set your own password, via “Forgot my password,” if need be, and to continue receiving CCL national posts. Call Marie for tech assistance if desired, 989-944-5858.

B. Call Dawn S. at (989) 506-6022 to sign up to volunteer for tabling or events.
            Call Marie K. at (989) 944-5858 with questions or suggestions!

IX.  Next meeting: March 19, 2020—Resuming regular time and place: 7:00-8:30 p.m., Isabella County Commission on Aging, 2200 S. Lincoln Rd. (behind the church)

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