MPCCL March 19, 2020 Meeting

Mt. Pleasant Citizens’ Climate Lobby Meeting
Minutes for March 19, 2020
Zoom meeting online

Attending: Dawn Sprague, Emily Zoet, Gisela and Tom Moffit, Bob Lindahl, Mike Heitman, Anne & Curt Jensen, Gary Kramer, Don Smith, Marie Koper
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  1. Introductions and personal assessment of coronavirus crisis impacts.

Those who were online were perhaps available to be online because they were not being drastically affected yet. We discussed possible connections between climate change and the coronavirus.

  1. Marie had just seen the title of this article and is sending it on: (Marie here–it’s excellent. Some of what we noted and more.)

We discussed not pressing people and members of Congress about climate change while they are making urgent decisions now for the health and economy of the country. We can use this time to take notes and be prepared to write, call, etc. when circumstances are more settled.

  1. We also noted how CCL’s March video speaker, Hannah Pickard, shared very specific, proven-to-be-more-effective talking points from her work with climate communicators in 184 institutions in 38 states, especially that gloom and doom messaging is not effective, that connecting on people and places we love and want to protect along with responsible management solutions is more effective. Her slides are attached. She pointed out the shared values (protection) and the solutions (responsible management) in a sample for CCL.
  1. John Sabin and Elizabeth Dell, co-leaders for the 5 state Great Lakes Region will be having Great Lakes Region open office hours Friday from 2-3 pm ET on Zoom just to offer a space for people to connect and to answer questions folks may have. Anyone in CCL is invited to attend. They probably will be doing this weekly although the day and time may change. Marie will share any changes. Join from PC, Mac, Linux. IOS or Android: or launch Zoom application and “Join Meeting” with Meeting ID 786-830-0355

Or by telephone:
Call 646-558-8656, if you have unlimited minutes and use Meeting ID: 786-830-0355 when prompted.
Or if you don’t have an unlimited minutes calling plan, use 855-880-1246, Toll-free.

  1. Treasurers report—John L. reports that Isabella Bank investigated and returned the $282 that was hacked from our original bank account last fall.  Our current balance is $808.65 with primary expenditures being $275.00 for Chamber of Commerce membership, $200.00 to UPS to have store credit for our printing, and $100.00 for a Morning Sun Climate Summit ad online (special donation). Our free MS  print ad, a new Chamber membership benefit, was also used for the Summit.

The other Chamber benefit that originally expired in 90 days (extended into the summer) is the free radio ads from 104.3. We’ll use them for public awareness of the Climate Solutions Summit being rescheduled and Mt. Pleasant Citizens’ Climate Lobby.

  1. Poll on Zoom format and CCL activities
  1. How easy or difficult was it for you to set up or use Zoom? The link seemed to work well for most folks on the call although it was fairly new to most. One member couldn’t get the audio to work and left.
  1. Checking in on guidance: What do think Mt.P. CCL should do in the near future? Marie is willing and generally available; what is your thinking?
  1. Stop having Zoom monthly meetings? No, let’s continue and get better at it. Several churches are also using it for services and meetings. Emily Z. who has child care issues at meeting times, suggested including the Zoom option even when we resume regular meetings. We’ll look into that!
  1. Have at home activities like phone contacts, online study groups on different topics, exploring different websites including CCL’s and have members sign up for them? Some interest; Gisela suggested going through our chapter roster (809 contacts) and sorting it out.
  1. Marie can pass on relevant information and activities and leave it to individuals to respond as they can. As Mark Reynolds said in his address on CCL Community: We trust our members to do what is right for themselves and their community.
  1. To that point, national CCL said this month’s suggested activities may need to be shelved until people have more mental bandwidth to engage. Can we think of a creative way to have an “Earth Day” event within our constrictions?

Laser Talk exercise: Jobs: Fossil fuels versus renewables

  1. Although the Central Michigan Climate Solutions Summit had to be cancelled, we are planning to reschedule for the fall if possible.  Dr. Andy Hoffman, Professor of Sustainable Enterprise at U of M, graciously agreed to come in the fall. It will probably be on a Friday. Everyone can help grow the Summit by discussing it regularly and suggesting any individual or business that uses sustainable business practices or clean energy contact Marie at or 989-944-5858 to participate; no tabling charge.
  1. Another plan on the table was working over the summer on a “clean energy bottom line conference,” connecting clean energy options with financing information for the community and businesses.
  1. At this point, we will plan to have both in the fall—the clean energy one first in September then the Central Michigan Climate Solutions Summit in October or early November after the university is up and running and student groups are organized.
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