MPCCL April 16, 2020 Meeting

Mt. Pleasant Citizens’ Climate Lobby

Minutes of April 16, 2020 (on Zoom)

Present:  Marie and Pete Koper, Gary Kramer, Bob Lindahl, Gisela and Tom Moffit, Cil and John Lorand, Don Smith, Matt Cavallieri, Dawn and Fred Sprague, Emily Zoet, Jerry Hilliard.

  1. Welcome:

Meeting on Zoom during the pandemic has not a hardship as we are able to share with one another our personal concerns, get updates on climate related issues, and discuss personal commitments for April in our break-out sessions. 

  1. Since the country is dealing with two huge, unique problems (Covid10 and the economic situation), CCL officially asked us to defer climate calls for now and give Congress time to do their work.
  2. We can best use our time and concern to further educate ourselves and upgrade our skills. Blue underlined links are for your convenience. We will resume our advocacy for climate legislation at the most opportune time. CCL’s June International Conference & Lobby Day will be virtual this year. Every level of CCL is working on details.

II.         Upcoming Events and Actions:  50th Anniversary Earth Day Celebrations
For so many reasons, including all the current threats, we need to recommit to the spirit of Earth Day begun 50 years ago. Remember why. Celebrate it. Renew your commitment to protect the earth. Act on its behalf. Share the opportunities with others.

  1. On Saturday, April 25 starting at 1:00 p.m. Citizens’ Climate Lobby invites you to its Earth Day celebration Uniting from Home: A virtual CCL event with Katharine Hayhoe. Not all of us are able to focus on climate change right now. But for those who can, we’ll hear from climate leaders, learn about quick actions we can take to advocate climate policy and get trained. Join us from home and (virtually) bring a friend–friends, family, neighbors, colleagues, and your connections on social media. Your personal invitation is influential.Check out the agenda, get the Zoom number and register at
  1. Kalamazoo Earth Day events – the Kzoo chapter of CCL is part of a broad coalition there, activities for all ages. Their Facebook page here.
  • April 1 – April 30: Turning Green Classroom ,an interactive web-based platform to inform and inspire students with a 30-day lesson plan with simple, fun, impactful opportunities to dive into and champion eco and health-conscious activities.
  • April 1 – April 30: Earth Day Ecochallenge, a 30-day environmental and social engagement program. Participants select actions to take that align with their values and make a 30-day commitment to complete those actions while reinforcing more sustainable habits.
  • April 22 – EarthRise Digital Earth Day Earth Day Network is coordinating a global digital mobilization that drives actions big and small, gives diverse voices a platform and demands bold action for people and the planet. Over the 24 hours of Earth Day, EARTHRISE will include global conversations, calls to action, performances, video teach-ins and more.

III.        Personal commitments:
In break-out sessions we discussed what we personally will commit to for the rest of April i.e. getting more acquainted with our website, getting to know the resources on CCL Community website (see attached list), sharing information on Earth Day celebrations with our friends and family ESPECIALLY CCL’S UNITING FROM HOME. How many people will you bring with you to fill up CCL’s 10,000 person Zoom line to recommit to the Earth?

IV.       Guest Video Speaker:

Getting people who care about the environment to vote is the first step to building political will for policy changes.  When Nathanial Stinnett found out that many “environmentalists” cared deeply, but did not vote, he founded the non-partisan, non-profit organization Environmental Voter Project in 2015.

Unlike other organizations, EVP does not focus on changing people’s minds, only their behavior, a relatively easier task. The group identified environmentalist non-voters (public records are available), then mobilized them (social media, calls, mail, ads for every election to create a habit) and lastly, used habit reinforcement (messaging, reminders of voter pledges, social pressures) to increase the number of voters who care about the environment.  They originally focused on the six states with the most non-voters but have expanded to twelve now. He reported that since 2015 there has been a sizable increase (from 21% to 53%) in environmentalists’ voting in the states they targeted.

V.        TurboVote:
CCL is partnering with TurboVote, a website where anyone in any state can register to vote and receive ballot and precinct information and election notices as well as absentee ballots for their elections—a good resource for everyone. Click on: Note: TurboVote updates voting information daily with COVID-19 related changes. Share this information widely as another action.

VI.       Spotlight:
Don Smith shared National Geographic Magazine April 2020 Special Issue for the 50th anniversary of Earth Day: HOW WE SAVED THE WORLD//HOW WE LOST THE PLANET. The issue is designed as a flip issue with optimist and pessimist halves.  It is well worth reading. Single issues can be ordered at after their publication month or on Amazon.

WCMU-FM is airing a short climate story from Yale Climate Connections every weekday between 12:30 and 12:40. We want to thank Rick Westover for meeting with Tom Moffit and including these short segments based on science from Yale University on our local PBS station. 

Next meeting is May 14 at 7 p.m. (probably on Zoom)

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