MPCCL May 14, 2020 Meeting

MPCCL May 14, 2020 Meeting (Zoom)


  1. CCL Virtual Conference on June, 13 (1 – 5 p.m. ET) and June 14 (1 – 3:30 p.m. ET) 2020, replacing the annual June CCL Conference in Washington DC

Theme:  “The Community is Stronger than Co-Vid”

We urge everybody to sign up for the two-day conference as soon as possible as some of the sessions will be filled quickly.  For registration click on     
The conference is highly educational, socially connecting and free! 

  • What else can we do right now when we don’t want to push hard for climate change legislation as legislators need time to work on Co Vid related problems?
  • Write letters to the editor*
  • Talk to our friends, family and others
  • Educate ourselves – example attached
  • Build our local group
  • Keep connections alive
  • Participate in the annual lobby day which will be virtual this year, June 15-16 by helping with district plan or being a member of the team

* Read the letter by Mark Reynolds, Executive Director of CCL, and Mt. Pleasant CCL Steering committee, published in The Morning Sun May 15, 2020.  Click here for the important parallels and talking points between the Co-Vid cash payments and Carbon Dividends from H.R. 763.


Present:  Marie Koper, Fred and Dawn Sprague, John Zang, Don Smith, Bob Lindahl, Cil and John Lorand, Gisela and Tom Moffit, Gary Kramer, Jeannie Reese, Carol Rard, Ann Kowaleski, and Eric Torgesen. Welcome to John Zang!

  1. Treasurer’s report: $ 808.65
  • Spotlight:  

Bob Lindahl shared that the magazine “Foreign Affairs” devoted most of its May/June issue to Climate Change. Recommended it highly.

  • Local Action Teams:  

In order to strengthen our connections to build important advocates for the Energy Innovation and Carbon Dividend Act and our fall clean energy conference, we are seeking volunteers to become members of specific teams.  This critical legislation is not going to pass itself. Contact Marie (989-944-5858) to find out more and sign up for the area that interests you. CCL provides the support; we build the local relationships. Yes, most of us have to reach outside our comfort zones, but that is exactly how CCL has been so successful.

  • Agriculture (farmers, agri-business)
  • Medical-health (doctors, CMU Medical School, Ferris nursing program)
  • Chamber of Commerce (various business sectors) 
  • Video Call: 

Dr. Larry Junck from U of M spoke on the Connections between Co-Vid 19 and Climate Change. He emphasized the high number of deaths due to our air pollution, especially tiny particulate matter mostly caused by coal and exhaust.  Deaths due to heart disease, stroke, pneumonia, lung cancer vastly outnumber the deaths caused by the virus.  As the climate gets hotter, greenhouse gases increase as well.  Instead of flattening the curve by taking measures as we have done with the pandemic, very little is being done to flatten the upward climb of fossil fuel emissions and temperature increases causing climate change.
From Co-Vid 19 we learned that actions can be successful (social distancing, masks, hand sanitizing). Although not solving climate change, traveling less, shopping less, and connecting remotely demonstrates that our actions can contribute to a visibly cleaner atmosphere.  Pricing carbon and returning the revenue to us in monthly dividends with H.R. 763 motivates the whole market to transition to a strong, clean economy with jobs and improved health as well as reduced emissions and global temperatures, the key piece to solving climate change.   He encouraged us to continue to work in this direction.  

  • What are you committed to do this month?

Let Gisela ( know if you registered for the conference (she’ll send you a reminder).
Let Marie know if you want to serve on one of the teams (# 3 above) or help with the June Lobby meeting.

Next Meeting:  June 18, 6:30 p.m. – Zoom

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