MPCCL June 18, 2020 Meeting

MPCCL Minutes
 June 18, 2020 — Zoom Meeting

This was our first meeting after the highly successful CCL Conference in Washington, DC via Zoom.  Many members of our local chapter were able to tune in and participate. 


  1. Round table reports on personal highlights:
  2. Surprised how many people under 30 were actively engaged in the cause.
  3. Impressed by the high quality of the break-out sessions
  4. Excellent speakers, highly motivating
  5. All sessions (on youth, conservatives, business, diversity, the Energy Innovation & Carbon Dividend Act, etc.) were recorded and can be viewed at

  • Several people watched “Handling Challenging Questions about the Energy Innovation Act” and highly recommended it:;
A comprehensive but readable and printable reference is here:

  • Marie watched “Broadcast Meteorologists as Climate Change Communicators” and suggested we follow up with area TV stations and CMU meteorology students going into broadcasting, practicing at MHTV

  1. Lobby Day Report:

Marie reported that 6 CCL representatives from MI District 4 had a meeting with Rep. Moolenaar and his environmental Aide.  The team had prepared carefully, and the meeting went well, but at this time Moolenaar was not ready to support HR 763. However, his staffer said he may well be interested in the team’s Supporting Ask, which is a bipartisan bill that complements HR 763.  The USE IT Act already has 20 GOP sponsors and is ready to be finalized in both chambers.  Hopefully he will cosponsor it and vote for it, a good stepping stone to more action.

We finished at 8:00 so that we could virtually join the After Conference CCL Party on Zoom for dancing, playing climate trivia, and international mingling!

Additional Information:

Don Smith, Cil and John Lorand, Marie and Pete Koper, Emily Zoet, Dawn Sprague, Gisela and Tom Moffit

  1. Treasurer’s Report:  $ 908.65; thank you to Linda Walterreit for a generous donation.
  1. P.O. Box needs to be renewed.  Treasurer will take care of it. [Note: P.O. Box 1202 is still valid. Anytime you’re so moved, you can make checks out to Marie Koper, John Lorand, or Ann Kowaleski, with MPCCL Donation in the memo line.]
  1. Old Business
    1. Suggested and approved to re-organize the Central Michigan Climate Solutions Summit which was cancelled in March due to the coronavirus as a virtual conference in the fall with keynote speaker (Dr. Hoffman from U of M) and two panels (university panel and a city/area panel). Marie will contact CMU co-ordinator, Dr. Liz Bradshaw, with the suggestion.
      1. Use Chamber of Commerce membership to increase the business focus at the Central Michigan Climate Solutions Summit and nurture our relationship with local business owners; new Chamber director is passionate about recycling and permaculture
      1. Plan a Chamber Lunch and Learn event with Jim Holton who has expressed interest.
    1. Move the Area/Local Clean Energy (business oriented) Conference to Spring 2021
  1. New Business
    1. New Agriculture Bill “Growing Climate Solutions” announced this week
      1. Sen. Debbie Stabenow is one of the four sponsors along with Sen. Sheldon Whitehouse (D) and Lindsay Graham and Michael Braun (Rs)
      1. To make it easier for farmers and forest managers to participate in carbon offset markets
      1. We need to talk to the Farm Bureau folks and Bob Thompson (president of the Michigan Farmers Union) among the many ag and environmental groups who’ve endorsed the bill
    1. Publicize availability of CCL presentations for service clubs, fraternal organizations, hobby clubs, faith meetings, etc. via Zoom. Contact Marie (989-944-5858) who recently did a presentation at Unitarian Universalists Fellowship.

Next MPCCL Monthly Meeting:  July 16, 7:00-8:30 p.m. on Zoom; visitors are invited to log on early to get acquainted.

6 CCL representatives from MI District 4 met with Rep. Moolenaar via Zoom on June 17, 2020
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