MPCCL December 17, 2020 Meeting

MPCCL Minutes

December 17, 2020 — Zoom Meeting

Present:  Pete and Marie Koper, John and Cil Lorand, Bob Lindahl, Carol Rard, Gabe and   Robert Fanning, Don Smith, Tom and Gisela Moffit, Ann Kowaleski, Eric Torgerson.

I.      December Video Speaker Christiana Figueres, former UNFCCC Executive Secretary, 2010-2016 (Paris accord of 2015)with an overview of where things stand globally on national commitments to fight climate change and what’s needed going forward. She stressed that all issues are interconnected and we can’t focus on just one of them.

        Dec. 12 was the 5 Year Anniversary of the Paris Accord.  New countries (including the USA) will join to commit themselves to de-carbonize their environments and economies.  The most effective way to do this is by putting a price on carbon which Canada and other countries have done.

CCL will work across the country in the first three months of 2021 to educate our communities about why a price on carbon is the keystone to de-carbonization. We need to build broad based acceptance and increase constituent pressure on members of Congress. The first 100 days after an election are a short window of possibility for bipartisanship and crucial action before the legislators get busy with their specific committee assignments. They need to know about H.R. 763 so they can support it.

MPCCL will call as many of you as we can to elicit your participation. The urgency for climate action now is critically important. Or you can save us the call and call us! We have actions large and small to fit your interests and time. Join the groundswell to make a livable world possible. Call Marie, 989-944-5858, or Jackie, 989-400-9523, with your interest,.

II.      Treasurer’s Report: $ 866.65

A.       We voted to rejoin Chamber of Commerce for 2021 ($ 275/yr membership fee).

B.       We’re encouraged to make year-end financial contribution to CCL or to our local chapter for next year’s critical outreach.  For the latter, make the check out to our treasurer John Lorand and send it to P.O Box 1202, Mt. Pleasant, MI 48804-1202, with “MPCCL donation” in the memo line. 

III.       Old Business

  1. Business Outreach Report – Emily Zoet

Emily suggested that we increase our focus on “grasstop” contacts as their prominence has more influence for our cause. We also want to recruit more conservatives to our group. To that end, we’ll be shifting some of our business outreach. Call Emily 616-550-7882 to help with business outreach.

  • December Lobby meeting:

Pete and Marie reported on their conversation with Rep Moolenaar. He is still reserving judgment on support for H.R. 763 but is aware of building momentum for climate legislation. He expressed interest in the Growing Climate Solutions Act and the important new Food and Agriculture Alliance. He said it’s helpful when groups form to show their support.

C.       The Monthly Calling Campaign—easy action if you haven’t signed up yet for your designated day with reminder, office number, and suggestions. Tip: paste the suggested script or your own somewhere you can read it if you’re susceptible to nervousness leaving a message. Regular calling is important outreach. Congressional offices count calls for and against legislation.

D.       Excellent CCL December Conference sessions on YouTube

IV.         New Business

  1. Develop our Chapter Action Plan for 2021 to enact a fee on carbon
  1. Pete Koper will write an op-ed column.
    1. Pete also suggested we lobby the City Commission for its endorsement of H.R. 763.
    1. Gisela Moffit and Carol Rard will meet with the Social Justice committee and the Board of the Unitarian Universalist Fellowship of Central Michigan for their endorsement.
    1. Gabe Fanning will talk to some of his high school friends about approaching  the Board of Education.  Cil Lorand will talk to its chair and sound out interest before that meeting.
    1. Gisela Moffit will make a list of CMU faculty and emeriti for getting their support as private persons.
    1. The Steering Committee will further develop the chapter plan.

V.      Other Actions

Kiss the Ground—movie screening and panel on regenerative farming, a key practice. Please share the link with farmers you know.

Register below for the free movie:

VI.     Very useful information to learn from and share

A. Climate beliefs and behaviors crunched every which way: https://climatecommun

B.  “The Impact of a Carbon Fee and Dividend Policy [specifically H.R. 763] on the Finances of U.S. Households,” calculated by income, age, etc.

C.  First report by a governmental committee on extensive U.S. financial risks Managing Risks in the U.S. Financial System

Next meeting: Thursday, January 14, 2020, 6:45 p.m. for update video: meeting: 7:00-8:30 p.m. on Zoom

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