MPCCL July 22, 2021 Meeting

Mt. Pleasant Citizens Climate Lobby Minutes
July 22, 2021 Zoom Meeting

We interrupt these regularly scheduled minutes to make this urgent request—please call your senators and ask them to put a price on carbon in the budget reconciliation package that they’re discussing right now! CCL has launched a national calling initiative—10,000 calls to Senators in the next 3 weeks (Aug. 10) to convince them that we know carbon pricing is the necessary market signal to transition to a clean energy economy in time to avert even worse disasters.

Michigan chapters have set a goal of 800 calls. Please make these quick calls as a favor to all you love, then ask at least 3 others to make the call and to ask 3 of their concerned friends as well. 

For numbers and simple script, go to If you have any tech glitches, try a different browser or go to These allow CCL to count our calls. Your friends don’t have to join CCL to use this link, and it’s not for fundraising!!!

Want a refresher on why a price on carbon is the most effective first step–check out this clear 4-minute video by Fareed Zakaria.

All hands on deck! D-Day—last chance for legislation without threat of filibuster! Hear it from our fearless leaders, Mark, Danny, and Madeleine.

Present:  Gary Kramer, Tom and Gisela Moffit, Marie Koper, Cil and John Lorand, Sharon Sheldon (West Branch), Don Smith, Dawn and Fred Sprague.

  1. Tabling at the Farmers Market (Island Park):
  2.  We are guaranteed a table every 4th Thursday from 9 – 1 (2 shifts, 2 hours each).  Don Smith and Gisela Moffit will be there on Thursday, July29 for the first shift.  Who can/wants to table from 11 – 1?  Call Gisela (989-772-1602). Other Thursdays are possible if space if available as of that Tuesday.
  3.  We are also looking for Volunteers for the Saturday Farmers Market Downtown Mt. Pleasant.  Anyone? 
  4. Talking to folks at the Farmers Market is an excellent venue for adding more callers for the Senate campaign!
  5. We’ll have ¼ page handouts with the Senate calling information to share there and elsewhere. If you want to print some out for distribution in your area, the file is attached!
  6. Other:
  7. Post office box:  we moved (Dawn Sprague) and seconded (Gary Kramer) that we will not renew our PO box due to lack of business and rental increase to $118.  The vote was unanimous. Mail should be sent to John Lorand, MPCCL Treasurer, 1351 Tomah Dr., Mt. Pleasant, MI 48858.
  8. Dawn announced that the Commission on Aging will be available for our future meetings which will be every 3rd Thursday at 7 pm for the rest of this year.  We will try a hybrid system (meeting in person, but also using Zoom for people who prefer this). 
  9. Our new member, Sharon Sheldon from the Roscommon chapter, will call the formerly active members of the Roscommon CCL group and ask them the favor of calling our Senators as per the campaign and also to invite them to our Zoom meetings. 
  10. Regenerative Farming:  Don shared that General Mills will be designating 1 Million acres to regenerative farming.  This is the size of the Grand Canyon.
  11. Gisela announced that Monica Jean from Elwell is working for MSU as a county extension officer (as Paul Gross is for Isabella County).  She is in the process of developing a program or App for Farmers in Michigan to educate them about this research and success, having them share their experimentations, experiences and support for others.  She is eager to get involved with our CCL chapter.
  12. July’s CCL Video Speaker: Allie Kelly–You won’t want to miss the amazing work that The Ray is doing to bring solar energy to transportation and highways, starting in Georgia. Can we get this in Michigan?
  13. Other items on the original agenda have been tabled until next month.

Next meeting: August 19, 2021

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