MPCCL September 16, 2021 Meeting

Mt. Pleasant Citizens Climate Lobby Minutes

September 16, 2021 at 7 p.m.

Hybrid Monthly Meeting at Commission on Aging & Zoom

Present: Pete and Marie Koper, Dawn and Fred Sprague, Dan Marvin at CoA, Cil and John Lorand, Gisela and Tom Moffit on Zoom.

I. CCL National Video Call–Highlights of CCL’s marketing and calling campaigns; Speaker: Aaron Cosbey, an economist with 30 years of experience in the areas of trade, investment and sustainable development, with the International Institute for Sustainable Development, explaining Border Carbon Adjustments, a mechanism to shield businesses in nations with robust climate ambition. The European Union has announced it will impose such taxes starting in 2023, and Senate Democrats in the U.S. have included it in the budget reconciliation resolution. [GOP is interested in EU’s plan.]

Right now Congress is deciding on significant climate actions for the first time in more than a decade. Stand-alone carbon pricing bills were not getting out of House committees due to threat/certainty of Senate filibuster. The Budget Reconciliation Bill cannot be filibustered. Time is running out to stop rampant climate change by 1) reducing CO2 emissions by 50% by 2030 and 2) being carbon neutral by 2050 for starters. We have to stay ready to contact members to make sure they include carbon pricing and keep it in though the final votes! Will you commit to making contacts as needed to be part of making history? for email, phone number & message for President Biden and our senators!

II. Treasurer’s Report: Balance–$991.65 after paying $300.00 for a full page ad for one day and 15,000 digital impressions over a week in the Morning Sun.

III. Old Business


A. MPHS Student Petition status—student letter has been shared with Gabe Fanning. We will not submit Gabe’s petition to the School Board at this time, but will decide with Gabe about when/how to submit it to Rep. Moolenaar.

B. August 25 lobby meeting with Rep. Moolenaar and Dale Sands went well. We appreciate that Rep. Moolenaar has met with us often, unlike some Representatives in other districts who have never met personally with a CCL lobby team. Moolenaar said he wanted to read Managing Climate Risk in the U.S. Financial System, a report from a CFTC committee that Marie shared. The 30+ risk management people across financial sectors said pricing carbon was their #1 recommendation for securing our financial system. Marie sent it to him immediately. CCL Lobby Team: Top, L-R: Marie Koper, Eric Urbaniak, Dale Sands, Bottom L-R: Sharon Sheldon; Carter, Correspondence Aide, Rep. John Moolenaar.

C. Tabling at Farmers’ Market—now available most weeks, Clipboarding (excellent tips). Sign up to volunteer. Call Dawn (989-506-6022)

D. Meeting format—hybrid or Zoom? It was decided to go back to Zoom.

V. New Business

A. CMU prospects: College Republicans, 8 professors of economics who signed the Economists’ Statement, and Student Government – Marie will contact Theresa

Homsi and Eric Urbaniak, two of our CMU volunteers, for suggestions and assistance. Other CMU suggestions? B. Check out CCL’s excellent resource: Get Endorsers and Community Leaders to contact Congress


i. Who do you know? Personal networks are the most effective contacts.

ii. City Commission-Mayor Joseph has contacted members of Congress.

iii. Business Engagement team to build Chamber of Commerce interest via interested businesses—Do you know likely business leaders?

iv. Spragues reported a friend of theirs in rural Isabella County is negotiating for a large solar installation on his farm. Marie will follow up with Dawn and Fred for potential contact.

C. Which additional ways can you assist in the President-Congressional calling campaign? Check out: Budget Reconciliation Actions D. Social Media campaign


i. Any of you on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram or other- include a hashtag like #PriceOnCarbon or #PriceOnPollution, and 2) your congress members’ social media handles–@SenStabenow, @SenGaryPeters, @RepMoolenaar when you send out a climate message so they see it! ii. Share on your Facebook page or Twitter and ask friends to join you and send their messages.

E. Letters to the Editor (LTEs), the timely LTE topics on Community. Mention members of Congress (MOCs) by name so that the congressional offices can spot the letters in the newspapers.

Additional information from Elizabeth Dell, our Great Lakes Coordinator: We have a Michigan volunteer who works for Bosch and is leading a project to develop low-CO2 heating systems for buildings. Consumer data are very important to develop a business case. Since CCL members would likely have an interest in buying low-CO2 systems, he asked if we could invite people to fill out a brief anonymous survey (it took me one minute to complete). This is completely optional of course, and it is intended for people living in cold regions of the U.S.

Next meeting: October 14, 2021—Zoom meeting

Remember to log your Actions in the Action Tracker on CCL Community Set a new password for yourself if needed. If you’re getting this email, you can access Community, CCL’s treasure chest of resources.

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