MPCCL December 16, 2021 Meeting

Dear MPCCLers,

We’re wrapping up an year of impressive accomplishment in spite of a pandemic. Our efforts have helped put carbon pricing in the reconciliation bill and built an impressive array of support. It’s been a wild ride and it’s not over yet. CCL’s perserverance will carry on in 2022 to work on whatever legislation is needed regardless of the reconciliation bill’s outcome. Building a livable world is our mission and quitting is not an option. So please check out the new local  prospects in the minutes, rest over the holidays if you can, and we’ll see you next year!


Mt. Pleasant Citizens Climate Lobby
Minutes, December 16, 2021

Carbon pricing is STILL being negotiated in the Senate!
CCL pitches in when we’re needed. for email, phone number & message for President Biden and our senators

Present:  Yusuf Basmaci, Cil and John Lorand, Andrew Mason (intern for Public Relations),Marie and Pete Koper, Gary Kramer, Tom and Gisela Moffit, Fred and Dawn Sprague, Don Smith

  1. Introductions: Which of CCL’s core values (Focus-CFD, Optimism, Relationships, Integrity, Personal Power, Being Nonpartisan, and Diversity) originally attracted you or has kept you most engaged in CCL?
  2. National video speaker & Monthly Call

Isatis Cintrón Rodríguez:

Citizens’ Climate International had a major presence at the COP26 climate conference in Glasgow, Scotland, and Isatis Cintrón Rodriguez was a big part of that presence. The Latin America Regional Coordinator for CCI and a CCI founding board member, Isatis addressed the High-Level Segment of the COP26 negotiations in Glasgow on the value of stakeholders’ active participation in the design and implementation of climate policy. She talked about her work at COP26 and how people affected by climate change can have input into solving the problem. In addition to her work with CCI, Isatis is a doctoral candidate in cryospheric science at Rutgers University.

  1. Old Business and updates


  1. MI CCL Year in Review & MPCCL Year in Review—your CCL accomplishment or other memorable moments. It’s not too late to add your actions to the Action Tracker on your Community page.
  2. Danny Richter: A carbon tax and methane fee are still in the discussion in the Senate.  The Senate Parliamentarian is reviewing eligibility of elements in the Budget Reconciliation (BBB) bill right now. A January vote seems likely.
  3. The CCL November Conference was well attended. CCL calling campaigns for inclusion and support for carbon pricing resulted in over 32,000 contacts with Congressional leaders and President Biden.
  4. Mark Reynolds announced that he will step down as executive director of CCL and join the governing board in 2022 and focus on fundraising and building Citizens’ Climate International which now has 141 chapters in 76 countries with limited staff. Madeleine Para will succeed him effective January 20, 2022.

IV.      New Business

  1. Marie reintroduced MPCCL’s business-focused clean energy & sustainability outreach to build local support for clean energy and increase understanding of value of carbon pricing.
    1. Yusuf Basmaci: Graduate student in CMU’s Environmental Engineering program. His research focuses on removing PFAS from water and soil. The program supports Faculty & Graduate Fellows Research and Undergraduate Senior projects. The program has discussed the idea of initiating a local industrial “eco-village,” a concept for environmental cooperation where waste material of one business becomes the feed stock for another business nearby.

Another idea was a co-op program in which EE students work in area industries to share sustainable practices and to help their adoption.

    1. City, township, and county outreach & responses
      1. Amy Perschbacher & City Commission: are very interested in green projects and appreciate getting relevant resource materials from us.
      2. Bryan Mielke & Union Township: was glad to hear that the City is looking into environmental sustainability and appreciated resources Marie shared.  Bryan M. plans to contact Amy P. to explore how Union township and the City of Mt. Pleasant might work together on projects.
      3. Contact Marie if you are interested in this exciting city or business outreach

V:  What one action will you take before our next chapter meeting next month?

Next meeting: January 13, 2022

Remember to log your Actions in the Action Tracker on CCL Community

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