MPCCL January 13, 2022 Meeting

Mt. Pleasant Citizens Climate Lobby
Minutes, January 13, 2022

CCL email campaign urging Democrat senators and Pres. Biden to make climate policy a top priority. More recent: 12,803/New goal of 15,000
SAT.: NATIONWIDE 11,809; MICHIGAN 412; YOUR CHAPTER 14 (MPCCL volunteers) for email & message for President Biden
and our senators


Present:  Pete and Marie Koper, Gary Kramer, John and Cil Lorand, Gisela and Tom Moffit, Don Smith.

  1. National video speaker, Jose Aguto, Catholic Climate Covenant & Monthly Call.   The Catholic Climate Covenant’s outreach program was able to get support from 3 bishops for a price on carbon. Pope Paul also announced his support for this measure in a speech in 2019. Outreach to friends who are Catholic is encouraged! 30% of Congress is Catholic.

National legislative update:  BBB is not dead as negotiations with Sen. Manchin continue.  Price on carbon is still on the plate, but it is an uphill battle. Keep the pressure up and contact your legislators and Pres. Biden: Regardless of the BBB outcome, Senate allies are committed to price on carbon legislation and need our committed support to pass it. Carbon pricing is the necessary, not only, but necessary, piece for climate solutions.

  1. Treasurer’s Report : $ 766.67
  2. Old Business

Business focused clean energy & sustainability outreach

    1. Marie met with Mayor Amy Perschbacher and Union Township Chairperson Bryan Mielke. Union Twnshp already has monies set aside to work on sustainability projects and is interested in exploring opportunities for mutual benefit as is the City and Isabella County.
    1. The City has an anaerobic composter and has submitted a grant to collaborate with CMU to compost food waste.
    1. CMU’s Environmental Engineering program reached out to the Chamber of Commerce for help identifying manufacturers that would allow students to visit the companies 1-2 times and collect some data regarding their operation (raw material, water and energy consumption; processes; wastes generated, etc.). CoC also forwarded the letter to us.
    1. Seniors in the EE program are also working with the city at the wastewater treatment.
    1.  Marie is following up with James McBryde, President and CEO of Middle Michigan Development Corporation as he is knowledgeable about the City, Township, County and the Tribe to elicit his help developing collaborative relationships between CMU, businesses, and community entities as well as facilitating the business conference.
    1. We’re laying the foundation for an area-wide business-oriented conference on adopting more clean energy and sustainable business practices.. Anyone interested in working on this exciting local initiative can call Marie, 989-944-5858.

V.       New Business—Three National Priorities

A.      Develop chapter and Onboard new people—CCL=an oasis in a storm
Committee needed to work with Dawn
1. Grassroots outreach/recruiting: Tabling? Movie in Clare or online, texting/emailing parties?

  1. Callers and partnering mentors
  2. Dawn and Marie will check out CCL’s new Onboarding resources.

B.      Educate and activate our community

    1. Presentations to groups, build presentation team
    2. New places to present, including local progressive and conservative ally organizations & invite community
    3. Connect with local elected officials
    4. Our work organizing the business oriented conference will provide opportunities for presentations and more contact with Grasstops (community influencers). 

C.        Get voters to ask candidates and elected officials for climate action
1.        How many ways can we come up with over the course of the year to put out the message that voters want more action on climate?
2.        Begin planning what our chapter will do during the 2022 election season. For example, meet with candidates, help our local League of Women Voters host a candidate forum, or phone bank or postcard with the Environmental Voter Project. Other?
3.  We’ll ask the League of Women Voters to include a climate policy question for candidates in their voting guide (Cil) as well as the rest of us asking candidates at all levels about their climate policy in public meetings.

VI:  In the spirit of recommitting to climate action for the new year–What will you do personally and for CCL before our next chapter meeting next month?

  1. Personal example: Eat one meatless dinner each week for a month.
  2. CCL Example to customize– Email or text an invitation to a friend to join you in doing something CCL-related. It could be a chapter meeting, writing a letter to the editor, meeting with a local community leader, presenting or something else. By joining you, your friends can learn what keeps you working with CCL and maybe join themselves.

Later this month, I’m attending a meeting of the Mt. Pleasant CCL chapter. Would you like to join me? It’s really helped me to feel engaged in our democracy and to learn how to focus attention on climate solutions. Here’s the info: [link]

Next meeting: February 17, 2022; new shortened format 6:45 for CCL video highlights, meeting 7:00-8:00 p.m.

Remember to log your Actions in the Action Tracker on CCL Community

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