MPCCL Meeting October 14, 2021 Meeting

Mt. Pleasant Citizens Climate Lobby Minutes, October 14, 2021 (Zoom)

Congress is deciding on climate actions — now, finally! CCL’s current campaign is recruiting 20,000 emails to Pres. Biden to convince him carbon pricing with cashback is popular. for email, phone number & message for President Biden and our senators [as of 10-18-21 the count is Nationwide =16,724, our chapter=24] Campaign extended so we can reach 20,000. It’s not too late to send your email and ask friends. Help change history with this legislation.

Present: Marie and Pete Koper, Don Smith, Robert and Gabe Fanning, Gisela and Tom Moffit, Cil and John Lorand.

I. CCL National Video Call—A very important, informative call.

A. Dr. Ray Ward explains why he and 24 other Utah GOP state legislators signed an op-ed in the Deseret News endorsing a carbon fee and dividend as a conservative approach to addressing climate change.

B. Ben Pendergrass, CCL Senior Director, Government Affairs, will provide an inside update on what’s happening in DC that guides our strategy. Despite news reports, CCL is cautiously optimistic that carbon pricing will survive although bill language may not come together until November-December. CCL will mobilize when needed!

II. Treasurer’s Report: Bank–$991.67; UPS credit $140.78

III. Old Business

A. CMU Homecoming Parade arrangements: Don Smith is making new signs, Marie is working to arrange for a Prius and a Tesla to lead our group, others are making more calls for participants.)

B. Teresa Homsi and Eric Urbaniak shared CMU contacts with Marie. Will recruit students for the parade.

C. Dawn & Fred Sprague’s friend Bill Dague—will be guest at our Nov. meeting—he’s contracting for large solar array on his farm in Isabella Co. D. Marie’s Letter to the Editor (LTE) was printed in the Morning Sun and CM Life

V. New Business A. .Register for our November conference & get ready to lobby B. Generate positive press about carbon pricing C. Social media bonus action: Like, retweet and share CCL’s carbon pricing-related posts D. Social media bonus action: Be the first to tweet President Biden’s Correspondence Office E. Communication exercise: Practice a simple explanation of the budget process

F. We’re exploring getting a journalism or public relations intern from CMU to help with our media outreach, website, and social media.

Next meeting: November 18, 2021—via Zoom Remember to log your Actions in the Action Tracker on CCL Community

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