MPCCL November 18, 2021 Meeting

Mt. Pleasant Citizens Climate Lobby 

Minutes, November 18, 2021


The Senate version of the Reconciliation Bill (Build Back Better)

 is the critical one!

We need to keep contacting senators to make sure the 49 who’ve agreed to support carbon pricing don’t get weak knees come final vote time. 

for email & message for senators

Present:  James Dague, Pete and Marie Koper, Gary Kramer, John and Cil Lorand, Gisela and Tom Moffit, Fred and Dawn Sprague, Jon and Chris Cotton

1. Reports from 2021 National Conference 

  • Ayana Elizabeth Johnson, marine biologist, spoke about the need for clean oceans and was excited that $ 6 billion is included in the Build Back Better reconciliation bill for the protection of rivers, lakes and oceans. An example was regenerative ocean farming (seaweed, fish, and oysters can be farmed in a single column).
  • Ayana is the editor for All We Can Save (anthology of essays/poetry by women in the environmental movement in response to climate anxiety and action)
  • Ellie Johnston shared the En-ROADS simulator from Climate Interactive (MIT).  We should acquaint Congressional staff members with this program as it is easy to use and allows any user to enter different carbon reducing measures and see how much carbon they reduce, i.e. compare their effectiveness.  
  • Katharine Hayhoe has written a new book, Saving Us on effective ways of talking about climate change that anyone can use to increase the conversations that our country needs to be having.
  • To see recorded 2021 conference sessions, go to 

2. Treasurer’s Report
Balance: $ 766.67; 
Paid $ 275.00 for 2022 Chamber of Commerce membership; Deposited $ 50.00 donation from Carol Sanford. Thank you, Carol! 

3. Old Business

  • November Lobby meeting:  Marie Koper; James Gray, forester; Aron Buechler, farmer who uses regenerative farming to sequester CO2, Gabe and Robert Fanning, Mt. Pleasant High School Student and CMU professor, respectively; Andrew Mason, CMU student, and Elizabeth Tolrud, U of M student from MI04, met with Cliff Burdick, Rep. Moolenaar’s Environment Aide.
    James Gray and Aron Beuchler presented information in support of the bipartisan Growing Climate Solutions Act which will set up a carbon offset market for farmers, ranchers, and forest owners who sequester carbon in their respective practices. It has already passed the Senate 92-8. Cliff said it sounded very good, and he would pass on the information to Rep. Moolenaar.MPHS Student Petition status:  Gabe Fanning collected about 50 signatures from HS students and teachers in support of climate initiatives which he presented to Cliff. We then sent it on to Rep. Moolenaar along with a photo of the parade.
  • CMU Homecoming Parade:  great success.  We had 30 people in the parade carrying witty home-made signs (thanks to Don Smith, his wife Barb, and his sister-in-law). We were led by Dan Marvin’s red Prius and a blackTesla owned by visiting family members visiting the Fannings. The Fanning family supplied seven participants, ages 15-91 met with a lot of ! We met with applause and verbal support all along the route.
  • November 12th Marie attended the Legislative Breakfast of the Chamber of Commerce.  Also present were Michigan legislators Rep. Hauck and Sen. Outman. Marie had a good conversation with the Tribe’s facilities manager who shared his goal of increasing energy efficiency throughout their operations.  

4.  New Business

  1. Exciting help: Andrew Mason has begun 300 hours as our public relations intern as part of his major’s requirement.
  2. Guest speaker: Jim Dague, Isabella County farmer, has leased 360 acres to DTE to install solar panels. Other farmers too. For more information, see Coldwater Solar
  3. Sustainability Action Night— Dec.1:  we are invited to speak about CCL to students at CMU action night. Marie and Andrew will attend.
  4. Increased public support for carbon pricing with carbon cashback payments is important. Negative pushback has started. Consider the following actions:
    1. Letters to the Editor (LTEs), timely LTE topics and writing tips. Mention members of Congress (MOCs) by name so that the congressional offices can spot the letters in the newspapers. 
    2. Social Media campaign—Are you on Facebook, Twitter, TikTok, Instagram or other? Include a hashtag like #PriceOnCarbon or #PriceOnPollution and your Congress members’ social media handles like @SenatorStabenow and @SenatorGaryPeters in your climate messages and posts so that members also receive them as well as followers of those hashtags..
  5. Giving Tuesday:  CCL’s year-end fundraiser kicks off on Giving Tuesday — November 30 — and runs through the end of the year. At this critical moment in climate history, we encourage every CCL volunteer to donate, even if it’s a small amount. Please give what you can and help spread the word! As you know, the policy we have long advocated for — carbon fee and dividend — is currently being considered in ongoing budget reconciliation negotiations, thanks to the dedicated work of thousands of CCL volunteers and staff. We have never been closer, but we need your help to make it across the finish line. We need to bring in $1.5 million by year-end, and we hope to raise $300,000 on Giving Tuesday alone! CCL doesn’t run continual fundraising. Please save the date for your donation!  

What one action to help the cause will you take before our next chapter gathering?

Next meeting: December 16, 2021 (Zoom)

Remember to log your Actions in the Action Tracker on CCL Community

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