MPCCL February 17, 2022 Meeting

Mt. Pleasant Citizens Climate Lobby Minutes
Monthly Meeting–Zoom
February 17, 202

Present:  Anne and Kurt Jensen, Anne Kowaleski, Marie Koper, Gary Kramer, John Lorand, Andrew Mason, Gisela and Tom Moffit, Don Smith, Eric Torgersen. 

Announcement:  As part of the Clarke Historical Library ONLINE Speaker Series, there will be a program “Protecting the Great Lakes Ecosystem” on Tuesday, Feb. 22 at 7 pm. Prof. Jim Diana, emeritus at the University of Michigan will officially open the Clarke’s Abundant Water exhibit with a discussion about the effectiveness of Great Lakes environmental regulations in protecting this incredible ecosystem. It is free, but you need to register at

CCL National Video Call–James Balog, Photographer

For 35 years, the acclaimed photographer has documented how we have modified our planet’s natural systems. He founded the Earth Vision Institute, whose work was featured in “Chasing Ice.” He also has a new book out, “The Human Element: A Time Capsule from the Anthropocene,” and an essay in Inside Climate News.  He was excellent and we recommend highly to check out the call as well as his films.

Danny Richter: reported that in spite of the resistance in Congress, carbon price is still a possibility; there will be new Ask initiatives developed after the Reconciliation legislation is done (June?). Carbon fee still is a priority, but other critical areas to be added; encouraged CCLers to contact their Congressmen and write letters to the editor.

  1. Treasurer’s Report:  $ 766.67
  2.  Old Business
  3. Social Media campaign
  1. Report from Andrew Mason, intern: set up Twitter account to reach more students; is updating our website and the chapter description on the national CCL website.  He also offered to help volunteers with Facebook and Twitter.
  1. Update on Community-Business Sustainability Group:  Marie will be meeting with the current group on Friday, Feb. 18 at 11 a.m.  It consists of Mayor Amy Perschbacher, Township Supervisor Bryan Mielke, County Chair Tobin Hope, CMU Environmental Engineering Prof. Goksel Demirer, CMU Dean David Ford, Vice President of Middle Michigan Business Corporation Kati Mora and Marie.  As stakeholders they are excited to develop and collaborate on projects that will increase the use of clean energy and sustainable business practices. 
  1. New Business
  1.  Plan now for an in-person outdoor event in the Spring: we could join with “Trees Now”, an organization which is planting trees in our area, on a tree planting project.  Gisela will contact David Alms (co-chair with Jim Hageman) to find out what they are planning to do in the spring.
  1. Alert right of center supporters about our March Conference
  2. Social media bonus action. Post a screenshot of your chapter’s online meeting  Our picture for you to share–7-17-22 MPCCL Mtg.

D.  Communication exercise: Practice inviting someone to your oasis in the storm

VI:  What one action will you take before our next chapter gathering?

Next meeting: March 17, 2022

Remember to log your Actions in the Action Tracker on CCL Community

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