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April Climate Events Galore!

Due to Saturday’s icy forecast, we’ll postpone the April meeting until Saturday, April 21, 4:00-5:30 p.m. at Isabella County Commission on Aging, 2202 S. Lincoln Road.

BUT please consider educating and enjoying yourself and friends at the excellent events coming up next week and the days thereafter. I especially recommend Peter Sinclair’s talks:

1) with a 2 NOAA researchers Wednesday, April 18, 7:00 p.m., CMU– Pearce Hall 127 on talking about climate

2) “The Case for Renewables” along with Marie & CCL, Monday, April 23, 7:00 p.m., Veterans Memorial Library Annex.

Then there are art and bird exhibits, poetry and artists talks—all good ways to share the topic with a friend who may not be following the many impacts of the changing climate. 

Visitors are always welcome to our open meetings. This month we’ll hear highlights from folks who attended the MI CCL conference, sign up for more April events to raise community awareness, and watch Amber Sullivan, TV meteorologist from Phoenix, AZ, on our monthly video call. Check out the events below, some of which are ours. (Note date correction to April 19th for the Speak for the Earth and the Climate Open Mic.)

Art Reach of Mid Michigan, Park Library of Central Michigan University, and Mt. Pleasant Citizens’ Climate Lobby/Education and others collaborated on hosting and sharing a calendar and publicity for climate and environmental events. Here’s what’s left. Take a friend or two with you when you check them out.

Climate Change Collaborative ExhibitApril 4-28at Art Reach, 111 E. Broadway, Mt. P.

of Special Concern,April 4 – May 23, Baber Room – CMU Park Library, 250 W. Preston, Mt.P. As we celebrate the tenets of Earth Day, the art of Justin Kellner and Jane Kramer reveals the beauty, while honoring concerns about the preservation and protection of our natural world.

Artists’ Presentationsby Justin Kellner and Jane KramerApril 24, 4:00 pm, Park Library Auditorium followed by reception in Baber Room 

2018: Year of the Bird exhibit, April 4-30, Veterans Memorial Library with photos taken by Chippewa Valley Audubon Club and mounts loaned by Mid Michigan Community College, celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Migratory Bird Treaty Act and sharing Audubon’s Birds and Climate Change Report

League of Women Voters general meeting on climate issues–What Individuals Can Do, Tues., April 17, 7:00 pm, Veterans Memorial Library Annex

CMU Earth Week activities

Sunday, April 15: Air
Monday, April 16: Land:
Tuesday, April 17: Water
Wednesday, April 18: Education: Peter Sinclair, Brent Lofgren, and Stephanine Gandulla are speaking on a panel about Climate Change and how to talk about Climate Change at 7 pm in Pearce 127.  Brent Lofgren is a NOAA Researcher focused on climate in the Great Lakes Basin Area. Stephanine Gandulla is a NOAA archaeologist from Thunder Bay National Marine Sanctuary who has attended an extensive training on how to talk about climate change.
Thursday, April 19: Food (Multiple groups, including Citizens’ Climate Lobby, tabling at UC Rotunda 11am-2pm)
Friday, April 20: Shelter
Saturday, April 21: Energy
Sunday, April 22: Collaboration (EARTH DAY!)

Speak for the Earth & the Climate Open Micat Art Reach, Thursday, April 19, 7:00-8:00 pm. Why Do YOU Care about the Earth & Climate?

Word Hammer, CMU student poets and performers of spoken word poetry, in conjunction with Art Reach of Mid Michigan and Mt. Pleasant Citizens’ Climate Lobby/Education, invite the university and the community to come together to celebrate the earth and climate that sustain us.

Surrounded by the Climate Change Collaborative Exhibit, Open Mic will be a noncompetitive opportunity, open to all, to share original poems or to read selections of nature writing that express your feelings or viewpoint.

The Sacred Seeds Symposium, Saturday, April 21 from 9 am to 5 pm at the Ziibiwing Center will be a variety of interesting and fun offerings that will include ceremony, guest speakers and a seed exchange! A screening of the film “SEED: The Untold Story” with Jane Goodall and Winona LaDuke is a movie about the “miraculous and vital” seed…” They feed us, clothe us, and provide the raw materials for our everyday lives. In a very real sense, they are life itself.”

Family Earth Day Drop-In Program Plastic Cap Mosaic at Art Reach of Mid Michigan Sunday, April 22 from 10 am to 2 pm, 111 E. Broadway in downtown Mt. Pleasant. On average, over 22 million pounds of plastic finds its way into our Great Lakes, polluting the water and scarring the natural beauty and wonder of our lake shores. Join us on Earth Day to help create a plastic cap mosaic mural to be displayed in the Idonea Hersee classroom, creating environmentally-friendly art while sparking discussions on other ways we can help keep plastics out of our waters. This event is open to everyone, and no pre-registration is required.

Peter Sinclair will present “The Case for Renewable Energy” with Marie Koper, Citizens’ Climate Lobby/Education, Monday, April 23, Veterans Memorial Library Annex, 7:00 pm

Artists’ Presentations by Justin Kellner and Jane Kramer, “of special concern,” April 24, 4:00 pm, Park Library Auditorium followed by reception in Baber Room


Spring into Action

Most of us have struggled with what to say and how to say it when discussing climate change. CCL continues to provide us with insights this month from our video speaker Joan Blades, co-founder. Join us Saturday, March 10, 4:00-5:30 p.m. at Isabella County Commission on Aging, 2200 S. Lincoln Road for our monthly meeting.

Joan Blades and her husband Wes Boyd co-founded the political action group in 1997. In 2006, she co-founded, dedicated to “bringing millions of people, who all share a common concern about the need to build a more family-friendly America, together as a non-partisan force.” Her latest project, Living Room Conversations, seeks to bridge the political divide in America by encouraging people with differing views to come together for respectful discussions. These conversations increase understanding, reveal common ground, and sometimes even allow us to discuss possible solutions.

We’ll also be launching our ambitious spring outreach activities. The first will be showing The Burden, Friday, March 23, 6:30 p.m. at Hunter’s Ale House, 4855 S. Bluegrass Rd. Please invite anyone concerned about national security, including current or former military personnel, to attend with you!

The State Conference of CCL Chapters will be in Mt. Pleasant, April 7th, at Mid-Michigan Community College. This is your perfect opportunity to meet like-minded folks from all over the state and improve communication and advocacy skills.  Register now for the Early Bird price.

April is packed with climate and environmental art exhibits, presentations, birds & climate display, even an ecopoetry event. Calendar coming soon.

Here’s hoping you will join us to spring into action


Save money at both with Early Bird Registrations!

April 7, 2018, Mt. Pleasant, MI:

Citizens’ Climate Lobby–Michigan Conference

Register Here


Join Michigan Citizens’ Climate Lobby (CCL) volunteers for our 2nd annual conference at Mid-Michigan Community College’s Mt. Pleasant campus. All are welcome! People new to CCL are invited to attend a Climate Advocate Training during the morning. See our registration page for the full agenda:

Keynote Speaker: Dr. Julie Doll, “Michigan Farmers and Climate Change: Stories from the Field”

Dr. Doll is the Education & Outreach Coordinator at Kellogg Biological Station and has done research on communicating about climate change with farmers.

For more information, please contact Leah Gillon, 734-604-8923,

June 10-12, 2018, Washington D.C.

9th Annual Citizens’ Climate International Conference & Lobby Day


Everyone from brand new CCL volunteers to seasoned citizen lobbyists will receive special training on how to communicate about climate change and climate solutions. You’ll also hear from inspiring speakers and meet fellow volunteers from across the country who are dedicated to this issue. For those who are interested, you can put your new training into practice at the Lobby Day on Tuesday, June 12, where you can meet with members of Congress and their staff on Capitol Hill.

Registration and Information Here

For more information, please contact Marie Koper, 989-944-5858,



Fab February Meeting

Check out the opportunities to learn and make a difference for the climate at the February meeting of Mt. Pleasant Citizens’ Climate Lobby, Saturday, February 10, 4:00-5:30 p.m., at Isabella County Commission on Aging, 2200 S. Lincoln Rd. (behind the church).

  1. For bipartisan skeptics: Our February video speaker is Celia Paris, Assistant Professor in Political Science at Loyola University. She argues that the desire for a more Madisonian approach to politics remains alive and well in the American public and that citizens value accomplishment, bipartisanship and civility.
  2. CCL will be launching an exciting new awareness-raising video called Undo Your Part for people who have not taken action on climate because the problem feels overwhelming and hopeless to them. Bring your tablet or laptop to the meeting. We’ll launch it together!
  3. P. CCL is busy this spring with a movie on climate & the military, art shows, migratory bird displays, the CCL state conference (April 7 in Mt. P.!) and more. Find the project that rocks your boat! Watch for details. Better yet, help plan them!
  4. Interested in meeting with members of Congress or their staff? We’ll be planning for an in-district spring meeting. Lobby team members should all have completed online lobby training in CCL Community. It’s not hard; we just all need to be on the same page.

November Happenings

1)  Have you invited all of your friends and family to our call in day? We’re just a few days away and we want to log as many calls as we can on Wed., Nov 8th!

RSVP and INVITE 10 friends now before you forget!
#DearCongres #ActOnClimate #ClimateChange #CallCongress

​On November 8th,​ call and ask Congress to ​enact Carbon Fee and Dividend.

​​Visit ​our Call Congress website to: (1) get their phone numbers, (2) see a script of what to say, and (3) log your call​.​

Sign up for CCL Text Alerts to receive reminders about our national actions in support of climate solutions. We’ll send you a reminder to make your calls.

C​ongress​ needs to hear from​ us that we want them to take action on climate change. ​

​​On November 14th, hundreds of citizens from across the nation will ​meet with members of Congress in Washington, D.C. to ​ask for carbon fee and dividend.

​​To amplify ​the impact of these meetings and help ​to ​move Congress a step closer to​ climate​ legislation​, please call your legislators on Wednesday, November 8th​.
If you don’t get through, you c​an leave a message Wednesday night, or call on ​Thursday.

Time and again we hear from members of Congress that they don’t hear enough from their constituents that climate change matters to them. Calling your Senators and Representative is the first step in building a relationship with your congressional offices and creating the political will needed to ​address climate change.

​More details here:

2) Mt. Pleasant Citizens’ Climate Lobby meets the second Saturday of the month:

November 11, Veterans Day, 4:00 p.m.-5:30 p.m., Veterans Memorial Library, 301 S. University, Mt. Pleasant, MI. NOTE LOCATION CHANGE!

Each month, Citizens’ Climate Lobby supporters gather locally for a monthly meeting where we educate ourselves by watching a guest speaker and plan our local actions and outreach to build the will to pass effective climate legislation.

With 60 members now on the equally bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus, we are beginning our preparation to assist passing our Carbon Fee and Dividend proposal which could be introduced in the foreseeable future. We need to be ready!

Our Veterans Day speaker is retired Maj. Gen. Rick Devereaux, USAF (ret.), who served 34 years in the U.S. Air Force before retiring in 2012. His last assignment was Director of Operational Planning, Policy, and Strategy in Washington, D.C. He is currently Executive Vice President for Government Affairs at Texzon Technologies, a pioneer in the field of electromagnetic wave propagation, power storage, and electricity distribution.

Gen. Devereaux is also a volunteer with the Asheville chapter of Citizens Climate Lobby where he educates the public about the national security risks of a changing climate.

We hope you’ll come, bring a friend, and learn more about our politely persistent, effective methods that are bringing all parties together for a fair solution to the climate issues facing us all.

Catching up with October!

Saturday, Oct. 14

CMU Homecoming Parade, 10:00 a.m.-12:00
Meet at Lot 22, from West Campus Drive entrance (north of Towers Dorms). Parade ends at Sacred Heart parking lot, 302 S. Kinney.

Dear Intrepid CCLers,
Re: Parade & meeting, Sat. Oct. 14
I know the weather is supposed to be rainy Saturday for the CMU Homecoming Parade, but since that could be iffy, let’s make a real climate statement in solidarity with all those who have suffered and are still suffering from storms, flooding, and fires. Wear warm clothes with rain gear and bring umbrellas. I think we can wait until start time in the Wesley Foundation.        Let’s show we’re serious about climate.

If you’ve indicated you were going to march and have changed your mind (no judgement), please let me know before 10:00 at 989-944-5858.

October Meeting at 4:00 – 5:30 p.m. at Commission on Aging, 2200 S. Lincoln Rd., behind the church 😉

As CCL looks to build relationships across race and culture, our October guest is Barbara, Professor Emeritus of Social Justice Education at the University of Massachusetts-Amherst. She taught graduate classes on foundations of social justice education, design development and facilitation skills, and on self-awareness for social justice educators and liberation workers.

Sunday, Oct. 22

We’ll be showing and discussing “Merchants of Doubt” with the Gratiot County Dems: 2:00-4:30 p.m., Alma College, Dow Science Bldg.,L1, (behind the Swanson Academic Center, 614 W. Superior Street, Alma. “Merchants of Doubt” the playbook for sowing doubt and misinformation.

Tuesday, Oct. 24

The 21st Century “Clean Energy” Economy: Crossing Traditional Boundaries
Panel Discussion at CMU with Tom Rohrer from CMU’s Great Lakes Institute for Sustainable Systems and representatives from CMS Energy, Apex Clean Energy, and Michigan Energy Innovations & Business Council
6:30-7:30 p.m.
161 Anspach Hall
Light Refreshments

August Happenings

A busy weekend for Mt. Pleasant CCL. Two opportunities, hopefully you can make one or the other, if not both!

Saturday, August 12th–August Monthly Meeting

Note to First timers: Com. on Aging is located BEHIND the church. We’ll be planning our August & September events as well as learning more from this month’s guest speaker:

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Sunday, August 13th–CCL Garden Party

Image may contain: plant, flower, outdoor and nature

6:00-8:00 p.m.

608 S. Kinney, Mt. Pleasant, MI

·      Learn about CCL and its effective actions for climate solutions

·      Meet others who share your interest in the climate

·      Enjoy refreshments in Theresa Turner’s lovely garden of native and exotic plants.

·      Free, bring a friend

Thursdays at the Mt. Pleasant Farmers Market

Stop by and check out our news and information when you come for delicious food.

Island Park Pavilion, park entrance at N. Main and Lincoln St.

We’re usually there 9:00 a.m. – 1:00 p.m.