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Mt. Pleasant Citizens Climate Lobby
Minutes of Dec. 10, 2016
Commission on Aging

Present: Marie Koper, Cil and John Lorand, Tracy and Tom Crawford, James and Deb Simmons, Nan Nagler, Tom and Gisela Moffit, Fred Sprague, Don Socha, Carol Rard, Paul Rappaert.

I. Introductions: Welcome to Tracy & Tom, James & Deb, Carol, and Paul who are new to our meetings as were Joelle, Steve, and Forester last month, joining our regulars, all ready to make a difference for our climate! Volunteering for CCL: our Christmas gift to the world.

II. Announcements: Critical calls Tuesday and Wednesday for Michigan Clean Energy

In November, after years of work by clean energy advocates in Lansing, the Senate passed bills that would make a modest increase in the renewable standards to 15% by 2021 (with an interim goal of 12.5% by 2019). It is not as much as we need, but it is a step forward. However, these bills (SB 437 and SB 438) also have some serious problems that need to be fixed.

The State House is now taking up the bills and plans to vote before their session ends on December 15. Now is a critical time to contact House members and urge them to support clean energy. You can use the Michigan Climate Action Network link for more information and an email form to contact three key MI House leaders today! Calls are tallied: For Mt. Pleasant, Rep. Cotter: 517-373-1789 or look up your representative here.

III. Updates:

1. CCL has been busy contacting local leaders in business and in the community to sign the Michigan Leader Letter urging legislators to act on climate. Kathy Ling signed the letter on behalf of the Mt. Pleasant City Commission. Three Isabella County Commissioners, David Ling, James Moreno, and Mike Fisher also signed. American Mitsuba, an auto parts company whose headquarters are in Mt. Pleasant, has signed as well. If you know of other leaders we could ask, please let Marie know (989-772-0543).

2. Preliminary planning has just begun for a major, multi-faceted Climate Art Show and Climate Education Exhibit in January or February 2018 (!) in CMU’s Park Library to feature Michigan artists showing climate change art work, research related to climate, and related speakers. Interested in this project? Call Marie.

3. We will show “Merchants of Doubt” several times next year with an unrestricted license provided by Participant Media to CCL chapters. They are also providing us with up to $400 to help with advertising and other related expenses for four or more showings. We can show it in schools, churches, libraries, Clare movie theater, area towns, etc. If you want to show it to your organization, club or group, or help with publicity or arrangements, let Marie know.

IV. “Safe Passage”—Family viewing over break!

Instead of listening to the monthly call, we watched the Dec. 7th episode of the “Years of Living Dangerously.” This episode, “Safe Passage,” focused on reducing carbon emissions with a societal shift to the electric, self-driving cars currently being tested which would provide transportation on call. The other strand of the episode shared CCL’s successful methods of training citizen advocates to reach out to legislators in Washington. The last episode is Wednesday, Dec. 14, at 10:00 p.m. on the National Geographic Channel with Sigourney Weaver exploring air pollution and carbon reduction in China and America Ferrera looking at Waukegan, IL’s efforts to shut down their coal plant. Past episodes are available for viewing with a Charter Spectrum account or other options.

V. Next meeting: Should we continue on the second Saturday afternoons, 4:00-5:30 p.m., or switch to another time, like Tuesday evening, 7:00-8:30 p.m.? Please reply with your feedback as to when you could attend meetings.


RADM. David Titley’s presentations

Rear Admiral David Titley, USN (Ret.), spoke three times in Mt. Pleasant on Oct. 21, 2016. Mt. Pleasant CCL was thrilled to facilitate his coming to town and thanks the sponsorship of Central Michigan University’s Departments of Political Science and Public Administration and Atmospheric Sciences as well as Mid Michigan Community College for their generous support.

Titley CMU video

Titley MMCC video

His radio interview with WCMU’s Ben Thorp.

Join CCL at citizensclimate.org/# to be counted in the national movement. This doesn’t cost anything and gives you access to more information and training. (And no donation spam!) Latest report from CCL is that 2000 people signed up in the week after the election. The antidote to despair is constructive action.

unnamedNovember Conference Call:   Dr. Katharine Hayhoe, climate scientist

Following a very stressful election season, CCL thought it would be good to hear the calm and reassuring voice of our favorite climate change communicator, Dr. Katharine Hayhoe. Dr. Hayhoe recently gave CCL a big shoutout at the South by South Lawn climate change discussion at the White House with President Obama and actor Leonardo DiCaprio.

You can hear or see the whole video call at the link below. High points:

  • Businesses, cities, and states are forging ahead with clean energy and sustainable practices in spite of federal shortcomings and will continue
  • Scientific progress probably faces the biggest challenge with threats to funding
  • Perhaps the silver lining is that “boil” of growing discontent and social problems has been lanced and can now heal with our careful attention
  • CCL reports triple the number of calls for the informational Wed. call and more web traffic from concerned citizens
  • Check out her excellent new online series of very short videos: Global Weirding, every other Wednesday with live chats following on Thursday.

These calls are key to our personal education and ability to share information. It’s equally important to experience our connection to the international chapters which are filled with people like us.  http://citizensclimatelobby.org/monthly-international-conference-calls/

Current Mt. Pleasant CCL actions:

  1. Recruiting leaders in area businesses, organizations, faith communities, government offices to sign the Michigan Leaders Letter requesting legislative action on climate. This letter with its signatories will be shared by CCL with our national members of Congress. It will be also be shared with Michigan legislators, the governor, and the attorney general by Michigan Climate Action Network. Contact Marie at mtp.mi.ccl@gmail.com for more information.
  2. Collecting signed Constituent Comments to deliver to our members of Congress in Washington D.C. You can send out the following Online Constituent Comment form to friends & family via email only-not social media:https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSd3g0VPdwhUCaKr00-seKExK4txvgb8Jlc9R_poLyuu8jFLAQ/viewform
  3. Generating outreach–contact mtp.mi.ccl@gmail.com to help

3 HUGE Local Events in October!

Given the current high stakes for the climate and our well being, please consider participating in as many of these events as you can and letting others know of them as well! And, if you haven’t checked out CCL, go to #SpeakUp4Climate

Sat., Oct. 8: CMU Homecoming Parade–“Superheroes for the Climate,” costumes optional but encouraged. Children and pets are great additions. Line up with us in Lot 22 from West Campus Drive entrance before 10:00 for donuts! Signs provided or make your own.  Confirmation required by Friday afternoon. Call Marie at 989-944-5858 for map and more information.

Fri., Oct. 21: Adm. David Titley, USN (Ret.) speaking TWICE. Both free and open to the public. National Security & “Cross-training” meteorologists in business, finance and communication to advise business & government planners on climate costs, the bottom line:

1) 1:45-3:15 p.m. at CMU Park Library Auditorium, 250 W. Preston

Sponsored by Central Michigan University’s Department of Political Science and Public Administration and Department of Earth and Atmospheric Sciences.

2) 7:30 p.m. at Mid Michigan Community College, Center for Arts & Business, Community                Room, 2600 S. Summerton Road, on the Mt. Pleasant campus.

Sponsored by Mt. Pleasant Citizens’ Climate Education and Mid Michigan Community College,

Fri., Oct. 28: Climate-themed Family Night at the Discovery Museum, 6:30-8:00 p.m., 5093 E Remus Road.  Peter Sinclair, acclaimed climate videographer, for adults; science activities for the children led by CMU students. $5.00/person. Open to the public.

We’re making a difference–Congress is starting to move on climate. Big news coming soon. 🙂

Attention! Meeting Changed to October 1, 2016

Because our regular monthly date for Oct. 8 is CMU Homecoming and we want you to be able to walk with CCL in the Homecoming Parade, we moved the meeting up a week to Saturday, Oct. 1. Wow, wouldn’t that be an amazing statement if all 437 of you turned out for the parade! If you can walk, contact me! In moving the meeting, we also had to relocate–to Immanuel Lutheran Church, 320 S. Bradley.

That will give us an extra week to prepare for Adm. David Titley’s two talks in Mt. Pleasant on “The National Security Risks to the U.S. of a Changing Climate” on Oct. 21. In addition to being on CCL’s Advisory Board, he’s an internationally known name in climate science, and we want to give him the rock star treatment. Come and be a part of these very special events.  Please share the attached flyer near and far to pack both events.

You can also check out our People & Climate event at the Farmers Market this Thursday from 9:30-12:00.

How to Listen

We’re shortening our meeting time on second Saturdays by omitting the very important conference calls. The idea is that committed climate folks will make a habit of listening to them at a convenient time, driving, washing dishes, etc.

Bookmarking this link will take you to the call archive:


1.   In April Lertzman shared very helpful information on how to listen and validate what you hear from those who differ on climate change to initiate constructive dialogue.

Author, teacher, consultant and public speaker Renee Lertzman was our guest for CCL’s April 9 call. She is a practicing climate change engagement specialist, applied researcher and senior advisor for the Center for Sustainable Energy, along with teaching Psychology and Environmental Education and Communications at Royal Roads University. Her latest book is Environmental Melancholia: Psychoanalytic Dimensions of Engagement.

2.   March’s call from Rep. Carlos Curbelo, R-FL, who with Rep.Ted Deutsh, D-FL, started the House Bipartisan Climate Solutions Caucus is extremely encouraging.


Excellent science, political, and renewables information: You can watch Peter Sinclair’s April 6th presentation, Climate Change 2016, which we arranged at the Pere Marquette District Library in Clare.  MAC public access TV filmed it for us.

It is playing at these times for another week or two:

Sunday 5:15 PM
Tuesday 10:30 AM
Thursday 9:15 PM

It is also available online here:


It’s up to us to spread the word about the need and the solution. How to do it is what CCL is all about.